There is more reason for you to care not really, but I believe there is opportunity for profit , disabled have money too! There is no profit in the bike itself in the beginning, but like other company’s in extreme sport I believe there is profit for investors in clothing, accessories, protective gear. And more, with the mungrul logo selling a life style.

I would like to sponsor talented riders mail and female that would represent the Mungrul project and inspire others to take up the life style, and as in skatinging, surfing and DH biking in the regular world profit can be achieved while innovation in technology through the products potentially could advance disabled living and transfer to the able bodied world.

In my research there is no disabled stylised living clothing, protective gear, bags, accessories that suit a young persons life style, clothing that looks the part, but allows for easier access to dressing, bathroom, zippers,, hoodies that are designed for sitting in wheelchair along with pants, Ts and more the designs are endless.

I can not see any company in the market taking advantage of the disabled market in this area, to be successful in it the foundation I believe must be an extreme sport  which for the young portrayals an image they want to show..