This is based off the Barcelona mobility wheelchair attachment, Mungruls version is more towards the performance in mobility focusing on off road none aggressive riders, once again we will try and reduce the property components supplying the core of the build the rider themselves  can add there desired components taking advantage of deals in the marketplace..

The latch is a similar design to the Batec but with more power in the latch mech, and easier to maintain by the user

Intended use: off road on dirt trails

Unintended use: on the road or in built up areas

Reverse Triple crown shock for ruff terrain stanchions allow  bracket mounting as well as taking advantage of what’s on offer in the market place.. I’m leaning towards DNM shocks from China they have an affordable price and I have seen no real bad review on them.

Brackets can be made for each brand of shock so long as they are suitable , also custom brackets can be made depending on limitations the workshop has.



  1. 1 Motor hub  is in s 20 inch rim, looking at different designed to create a bracket to mount the wheel on standard triple crown shocks, the work around is a revers triple crown shock with custom made bolts, DNM is the shock I’m going to test with.
  2. Battery housing working on a battery pack that allows for no welding just placement in the correct series or parallel configuration working with different hard plastics and copper plate.
  3. Internal latch, different solutions are being worked on to find a durable stable yet strong latch that is easier to maintain replacement parts should be available off the shelf.