In the surfing area there are two ideas I’m playing around with the first one is kite surfing the seconds is a jetboard

The focus for Mungrul at present is the DH and the Batec, the surf concept includes more variables such as weather conditions, water temperatures, assistance, do to these reasons I have prioritised the first two, that been said if there is an opening i can take advantage of be assured it will be taken surfing is truly what I want personally but the logistics are challenging.


Thin Life vest, small oxygen tank on vest, waterproof , wetsuit, helmet.

I believe with correct seating and board design I myself can take on bigger waves, the jetboard will have enough power to get out of trouble and get into the wave.. hopefully we can talk with the manufacturer of this board to work out the logistics needed to over come certain things at present we have not made contact but hope to in the coming months we can do so


Having power to get in and out of a wave, independents in the water,

Disadvantages: rider must have prior experience surfing. No fear of water.  Equipment expenses large outlay. Over Weight limited must be under 100kg

Issues to overcome: board must submerge mostly at the rear under surf while surfer wares a life vest for stability. A Support surfer group would be needed while in the water.


Kite surfing in board will be along the same lines as the jet board when it comes to seating, position, the focus of the seat is to try and give a low centre of gravity while also allowing some way to give the stance and leading arm forward as in goofy or regular.

Stance is important even more so now for me because I believe my leading arm helps move and position by throwing the arm in the direction of intent, the same as a regular surfer on the wave, by throwing your leading arm the torso should follow.

Low centre of gravity while maintains this stance is the challenge while we want to be as close as posable to a regulars surfer we can’t believe he questions during the design I ask is what to do with the legs while trying to maintain this low centre of gravity? Arms and hands will also be essential during transitions from rail to rail on the jet board, kiteboarding  also but not so much due to the pull of  the kite.


Carbon tiger composites either with or without thin aluminium structural joints, the board itself for kite surfing will be a adapted kite surfing board or a small surfboard style, my focus is on the seating as yet.