Is to produce products to allow the disabled to participate in extreme sports, by utilising technologies that is available today. We endeavour to try and make as little proprietary components posable allowing the rider of such products to swap and change standard components from standard shops that provide a high level of performance.

The advancement of wheelchair technology is reduced due to proprietary industry, insurance and other factors makes purchasing different products out of the price ability of most,not only the outlay but service costs as well. the Mungrul project is trying build equipment in the extreme sport world to work with third party company’s in the hope that profit can be made by said third party company’s and the advancement of recreational sport equipment can be made that more standard products can b used

Some areas will have more proprietary parts than others due to feasibility but as technology changes we will always try and adapt to suit the rider allowing of standard parts to be used

DIY is the key requirement of each rider this project is for enthusiasts in one or more areas it is not a mobility day to day living, the products we want to offer are performance devices for the user to put themselves into a position of extreme outcomes, meaning a certain amount of balls and stupidity is required.


We hope to develop relationships with third party suppliers that will understand the demands of customers buying Mungrul kit allowing the rider to take advantage of there skill set in the professional arena but not limited to do so

The hope is that every rider will adapt and feed back into the overall project to improve one or all of there desired fields. To take advantage of the technology that has been overlooked.

Difficult: at present financing the construction is limiting the speed each project, working on all three helps the overall process off each one, ideas for the bike feed into the Batec and on into the board, research in one area ties into the other. The cost of prototyping is high I have invested in my workshop to build most parts in house such as welding and electrical work, also and investment on a CNC machine for brackets, mitter cuts, and more

Raw materials are needed for prototyping and experimental purposes to see if the concepts work, this will be and integral part of the process to get a durable product